Vetting, Security Clearances & Ethics: Preparing Now to be Successful Later

September 15, 2020 3:00 PM

We did not record this Session.

This session will focus on the vetting process and information that must be disclosed during the process. We will discuss the SF-86 (security clearance form) and the security clearance process as well as the OGE 278 (financial disclosure form) and financial vetting. In addition, we will cover standard vetting questions, including tax history, criminal history, and employment history and other questions such as how social media and publication history come into play. The aim of this session is to provide participants now with the information and tips they need to prepare early, so the vetting process can be as efficient as possible. Before this session, please take a look at the forms linked above and the Ready to Serve website.

This session was not recorded, but we have drafted a page with Notes and Q&A from the session.


Dina Powell McCormick

Andrew Borene

  • Managing Director, U.S. Public Sector, Cybereason
  • Former Associate Deputy General Counsel at Dept. of Defense, former Marine Corps Intelligence and Special Security Officer (SSO)
Dina Powell McCormick

Doug Kramer

  • General Counsel, CloudFlare
  • Former Deputy Assistant to the President and White House Staff Secretary (Manager, White House Vetting Operation)


Dina Powell McCormick

Roynda Hartsfield

  • Director of Talent Acquisition, Excel Technologies, Inc.
  • Former Chief of Digital Innovation Hiring, CIA