"Round 1.5" Political Appointments: A Fireside Chat with PPO

November 19, 2021 3:30 PM

Join us for a fireside chat with PPO! Are you concerned that you "missed" the opportunity for political appointment? Are you trying to better understand how it all works? Do you have specific questions about how to be considered or what the process looks like?

We're calling this "Round 1.5" because the first round of political appointments is still not complete, but we are already hearing folks ask about "Round 2."

We will explore your questions in depth in a strictly off-the-record fireside chat between Thomas Zimmerman, Special Assistant to the President for Presidential Personnel, and Lindsay Rodman, LCWINS' Executive Director. We will create ample opportunities for you to submit your questions during the webinar and by filling out the form liked below!

This session WILL NOT BE RECORDED for viewing on our website later. So please save the time and date on your calendars now!


Dina Powell McCormick

Thomas Zimmerman

  • White House Special Assistant to the President for Presidential Personnel


Dina Powell McCormick

Lindsay Rodman

  • Executive Director, Leadership Council for Women in National Security