Raising Your Public Profile

November 30, 2021 1:00 PM

Raising your public profile can be a powerful way to bring new opportunities for leadership your way. We have incredible speakers who have raised their profiles through appearance on TV, social media engagement, hosting podcasts, and writing books!

Within the national security profession, some people perceive a tension between raising your public profile and professional obligations. We will discuss that tension and ways that our incredible speakers have worked around or through them.

LCWINS is striving to improve women's representation as leaders in national security. Helping encourage and enable women's voices in public conversations about national security is one way we hope to achieve our mission!


Dina Powell McCormick

Juliette Kayyem

  • Faculty Chair of the Homeland Security and Security and Global Health Projects at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government
  • CNN Commentator & Pulitzer Prize Finalist
  • Former Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security
Dina Powell McCormick

Gina Bennett

  • Senior Counterterrorism Analyst, Central Intelligence Agency
  • Author of National Security Mom & America Needs a Time-Out
Dina Powell McCormick

Camille Stewart

  • Global Head, Product Security Strategy, Google
  • Effective user of social media to advance national security efforts
  • Co-Founder Share the Mic in Cyber


Dina Powell McCormick

Beverly Kirk

  • Former Fellow and Director for Outreach, CSIS International Security Program & Director, Smart Women, Smart Power Initiative
  • Podcast Host: Smart Women, Smart Power