Supporting Women: From Nominee to Political Appointee

LCWINS is rolling out a new pilot project to assist women through the political appointment process. If the transition team has reached out to you, if you are interviewing, if you are going through vetting and deluged in myriad forms, if you are facing confirmation -- LCWINS wants to help. Contact if you feel you are facing any obstacles or need assistance through the process.

We cannot promise that we can fix every problem or answer every question. But, we have an incredible network of women and male allies who want to see gender parity in our national security leadership. We can connect you.

We are keenly aware that when the transition team reaches out to prospective candidates for positions, they request the utmost discretion. We promise complete confidentiality. We don’t want to interfere with your process or to influence the transition team's decision. Our goal is to help remove the barriers that have prevented women and people from other underprivileged groups from succeeding in this process. Historically, access to “inside information” and experienced advice have been resources that only a privileged few have been able to access; we are trying to level the playing field.

In case you missed them, LCWINS conducted a series of webinars in the fall of 2020 to address what women can expect to face in the political appointments process. Those who graciously participated in these webinars are a who’s who in national security. The recordings of those webinars and accompanying notes are available here.

We also recommend you start by reading this guide published by Partnership for Public Service’s Center for Presidential Transition. It’s a step-by-step, generic guide of what you need to know.

You will glean some of the universal tips: Get your finances in order, scrub your social media, humility and flexibility during the process are essential. But much else about the process is nuanced. We can guide you. Please contact us at if you think we can help remove some obstacles to your success in the process!

As we mentioned, this is a pilot project. We seek to help everyone who comes our way, but we will be learning along with you the best ways to support women through the process.