LCWINS Political Appointments Tracker

This tracker is our way of showing progress toward gender parity in national security leadership. We cannot know where we stand unless we measure it! Please check this website early and often to follow along as President Biden fills in his senior national security leadership. We will be updating this website in real time. We welcome corrections and tips at

So far, we are tracking President Biden's total cabinet as being 46% women. Of the traditional Cabinet positions, which include the Vice President and the Secretaries leading the traditional departments, 38% are filled by women.

The National Security Council (NSC) Principals Committee is the decision-making body of the NSC, i.e. the national security leaders who sit at the table in the White House for major national security decisions. The NSC Principals Committee is 31% women.

LCWINS is tracking roughly 200 Senate-confirmed leadership positions in national security. The Biden Administration has thus far nominated people to 17 of these positions, 10 of whom are women.

The LCWINS "Pledge"

In 2019, we asked every presidential candidate to commit to seeking gender parity in their senior national security and foreign policy positions. We were thrilled when President Biden and Vice President Harris made that commitment when they were presidential candidates. President Biden reiterated his pledge on International Women's Day, and on his website. When we asked for President Biden to make this pledge, we also encouraged him to nominate women to senior positions in national security that have never been filled by women before, and to ensure that women of color are well represented in senior ranks. The goal should be senior leadership teams that are as diverse as America itself.