We did all of this, now see our 2021 plan for what we will do next year!

LCWINS Action Plan to Address Institutionalized Racism in 2020 Initiatives

LCWINS is committed to addressing the institutionalized racism that has historically held back Black women and women of color. Efforts to improve gender diversity in national security leadership will not directly benefit people of color generally, or women of color in particular, without concerted attention. LCWINS takes an intentional approach to including women of color in its Steering Committee, Honorary Advisory Committee, and governance bodies.

We hereby reaffirm our support of the Women of Color Advancing Peace and Security’s Standing Together Against Racism and Discrimination Statement and the commitments we made by signing that document. LCWINS also commits to explicitly incorporating specific actions in every organizational initiative to ameliorate or address the effects of racism and the specific concerns and issues faced by women of color in our field.

We are currently undertaking three major initiatives that, regardless who wins in November, will improve the chances of women ascending to national security leadership positions in record numbers in 2021. In the planning and implementation of these initiatives, we will pay particular attention to addressing and including women of color and their concerns. If we see record numbers of women in senior leadership positions next year, but do not see representation that reflects the diversity of the United States, then national security policy will not be at its best and we will have failed.

Major LCWINS Initiatives in 2020:

There is, of course, more that we can do and will do to fulfill the imperative of building a diverse national security workforce that is fully inclusive of Black women and women of color. Contact LCWINS with ideas at!